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Lol, Well thats blocker.


My Function:

I'm The leader of "the" forum". I'm olso the leader of a SOF2 clan, And I olso post News and Artikels [Well I cant translate "artikelen"] I'm not seeing my self Like I'm realy inportend, But I do try to help ppl as hard as I can.

About my self:

Born: 16/1/1984 and Ended studing in 2002. I'm now a "N00b" [cant translate either] Technicus at NMBS. I spear most of my free time at my PC [MTA I gues] (It costed mutch) I'm not a specialist but I can do like evrything. That can be handy some times

Thanks I actually looked for a translator but it doesn't cover that language. Blokker is the man in spite of that mug shot.

Cool dude 8)

yay i love these!!! :D

=D I couldnt resist!!

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lol... I think we should make a topic where you quote the previous user... I think I will :P

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Yeah! That guys cool enough to give himself lung cancer etc etc. :roll:


/me notices it's a fake cigarette

Yeah that makes him so much cooler than he was. 8)

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