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["Solution"] Query protocols serverlist error

Guest SupaHonn

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im referring to this news on the frontage:

Query protocols - Saturday 26 January 2008

Maybe u already figured it out, but when i do these things, i ALWAYS get the list to download...

(im talking about the ingame server browser of preview rel2)

1. click on refresh

2. "couldnt download server" list is what it will say

3. click on the recently played tab

4. click on the favorites tab

5. click on internet tab again (DONT click refresh)

6. wait like 2 to 5 seconds

7. if it doesnt load do that tab clicking again

i got a serverlist after doing these things EVERY time (never did that more than two times in a row)!

i know this sounds stupid and its no real solution either, but it works for me...

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I just wait till the servers list loads up itself, without clicking anything, it just takes some time.. And it does load no matter what eventually.

All those click recently played, click favs, doesn't change anything.. Just wait about 15 secs when you open the server browser and it will start loading

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Um, does this issue also appear in the MTA:SA Race Mod?

Lately, I have noticed a longer than normal wait time for the

server list to show up.

They both use ASE and ASE is the problem right?

And last question, MTA is going to switch query providers,

so how long will the MTA Race server list work for?

Because it uses ASE. Unless you use both....

Or maybe.... :)

You can give us a version or Race which uses the new provider

aswell as Vista compatability :) lol :)

Anyways. Basically. I noticed a server list issue in MTA Race rescently,

Is it my pc/connection or is it related to ASE ?

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