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soon we will not need any multiplayer mod for gta3 or vc

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There are alot of assumptions in these posts.....

Use common sense people.....

R* isn't around for your gaming pleasure anymore guys, sorry. They're around to make money. From a business standpoint, they would be fools to wait until PS3 to have another release of gta. They won't rebrand it again either like they did with "state of emergency". That was a huge mistake.

The next release will be on the PS2. It will be gta:sa. It will use a modified renderware engine again with new features. It will most likely not be multiplayer, BUT then again it may be. PS2 is now broadband capable, so this could be a feature included. I don't know.

Use your heads instead of wishfull thinking people.

GTA:4 will be on a completely different engine. It will be multiplayer I am sure.

Without the reigns of Sony, R* will get back to it's roots. Also keep in mind that other developers are not going to sit back and let R* get all the cash for this style of game. Heavy competition will start to come soon. If another developer learns from R*'s MANY mistakes, we could likely see another series that takes over GTA's spot entirely. I'm not partial to R* anymore, and I would welcome a new franchise that challenged them.

Theres my 2 cents guys, that's all.

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interesting point eeos but u did not search well on this subject or i dunno ? cause there is already a challenger of R* mafia game dont u know it ? it owns gta vc on the shooting gameplay , its very much like max payne but without the bullet time stuff. But the driving gameplay is less fun than gta cause u can drive only 1940's cars and stuff . Try it if u dont know it u'll like it i'm sure

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first off the new gta is going to be based in las vegas secondly it is not a 2005 release. It is supposed to launch 6 months after the gta3 and vc package comes to xbox which is confirmed before this years christmas.

In conclusion that would mean the new gta...which will probably be called sin city will be out in 2004

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Research people, please. I have read (what I believe to be) every publication released on this subject. I can assure you that ALL logic points to the next gta being SA and not Sin City. Do you really think that R* would waste a release like Sin City on the renderware platform? Use your head man. You should also be more clear as to what you mean by the "gta3 and vc package". It will not be a package, and it will not share the names either.

P.S. I have played mafia, and it is nothing like the gta franchise. Nothing like it at all. It shares some characteristics I agree, but it has a long way to go. These damn companies need to stop rushing there releases.

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GTA Had three levels: Liberty (New York), Vice (Miami), and San Andreas (San Fransisco) + MP!

GTA London 1969 only had London and then there was the 1961 patch!

GTA2 Had three levels: Liberty (New York), Vice (Miami), and San Andreas (San Fransisco) + MP!

GTA3 have so far had 2 "levels" only diff is that they're released seperately: GTA3 (Liberty (New York)), Vice (Miami)...

Therefore my best guess is that SA will be next. Wether it will contain a MP element only time can tell.

BTW, DON'T compare GTA and Mafia... both great games but wants to do diff things (succesfully)! :D

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Hi! Wow, official multiplayer in a GTA game sounds good. But please keep in mind, This new GTA game is very far away. Look at Gamecube, we first heard about the thing as "Project Dolphin" several years before it was even advertised. Besides, the specifics of this "Multiplayer" have not been revealed. How do you know that it will be better than MTA?

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How do you know that it will be better than MTA?

Plain and simple answer to this question is: Because Rockstar PAYS their programmers and the MTA team is working for free. And wherever money is involved, more production is involved (or so we hope) and therefore, a SOLID multiplayer would be written. No offense to the MTA team, of course, you guys are doing great!!! Also, think about it...Rockstar will be able to create a new engine that actually supports MP (GTA3&VC were not originally intended for it and there will always be some limitations to MTA).


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Well, even if the next GTA does come out soon, and even if it does have multiplayer, you will probably be required to pay some sort of a monthly fee to access any official servers. I don't do LAN parties, and I don't feel like running my own hacked server for all of the internet to access. So, forced to choose between official multiplayer GTA or unofficial (slightly older version) multiplayer GTA and $20 / month (or whatever), I'd probably choose the latter.

Not to mention that Multitheft Auto will be created largely by its players (MTA players provide ideas, MTA coders provide code), whereas official GTA multiplayer will be created by the Rockstar people, who, for all of their talents, will never be able to predict exactly what the GTA community wants. Also, by the time official GTA multiplayer comes out, MTA will have a strong user base. People will have discovered all of its strengths and adapted to all of its weaknesses. Switching from MTA to official GTA multiplayer will mean having to re-learn parts of the game, having to make new friends online, having to deal with empty servers, etc., and won't be worth it to a lot of people.

I think MTA will have a niche for itself in the gaming community, if not forever, then at least for a while. True, Rockstar has a budget, source code, and can modify the game engine, but MTA has two things that Rockstar won't: a lot of user feedback and a big headstart.

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or not =P

I doubt R* would just leave their source on a networked computer, id be leaving mine on a standalone system, or one thats on an internal network (not accessable by net etc)

We are doing quite well with the memory addresses we hav atm, and although having the source would make our life *much* easier, that would take the challenge out =)

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