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soon we will not need any multiplayer mod for gta3 or vc

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The fact is the next game from rockstar: san andreas will be having multiplayer in it and that meens lets get rid of gta3 and vc and start playing san andreas multiplayer !!!!!!!!!

so unless the multiplayer support from mta or any group isn´t done in a couple of weeks there will be no need for it

except for the people with sucking computers :( that can´t run the new gta from rockstar !!!!!

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im sure all the quake players said that when quake 2 came out as well =)

let us develop this, we will be in full swing by the time r* brings their mp out for PC, and by that time, we will all own r*'s mp cause of the practive we have had here.

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And you have to remember that GTA: SA (if it exists) would be a very different game from GTA3... It'd be like giving up Half-Life for GTA3... they're 2 very different games :)

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