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hi, guys can you plz make some guide on learning LUA, i have never scripted anything and i know NOTHING about how to script but i realy want to scrip, YES a have tried to read the things at the wiki but i dont understand and i have serched a little on this site and the forums but i havent seen any guide showing exactly how to start scipting with LUA, plz people fix a very easy guide, mta need more scripters :D:fadein:

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The best way to learn until there is a guide is to search for LUA commands and look at the example scripts. LUA, for me, was difficult to understand at first. It would be best if you had some scripting experiance. But, if you take your time and look at the example scripts and the [snippets] on the forum, you can learn quite a bit. I agree that there is little documentation for beginners, maybe someone should write up a little blurb explaining functions and events all the stuff :)

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