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My computer never had such lag running SP or SAMP before, it's 1 year old but I do have an ATI card. So when I join a server, sometimes it's good without lag (lag being my screen doesn't respond to my control on time, and jumpy), but later it comes in, sometimes it's laggy as soon as I join. Anyone here having similar problem? It seems to be related to the number of players in the server. More player, more lag. When everyone left but me, the lag is gone

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I've been noticing mild lag problems whilst driving fast and cornering.

Either with gamepad (xpadder) or keys.

Tested in SP, no problems whatsoever, system is more than sufficient for San Andreas ;)

It's irregular, and i have yet to find out why, as a result, our server is always short of lamp posts on street corners :shock:

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as a result, our server is always short of lamp posts on street corners


LOL! :mrgreen: that also happens when no lag is involved ;) but anywayz, I only experience it when it is crowded... so yeah, a lot of players doing a lot of naughty things... I guess you need a heavy pc to handle it all :P

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it's true they already told you that system requirement for mta are slightly higher than sa singleplayer. That would partly explane it.Face the music.

This isn't the issue here, the PC is custom built high spec, can handle games that require much more than MTA...

Besides, it isn't a constant problem, comes and goes, and lately i have barely noticed it tbh.

I did consider someone on the server might be using hacks, but highly doubtful, it happens when only a few people are on.

I'm not asking for a resolution, i just wondered if anyone else suffered the same annoyance.

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