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Hey guys,

For testing purposes, we from http://www.delux-host.com set up some MTA:DM test servers and one of it - the 24/7 Minigames one ( - got a little bit popular ;)

Popular means: During the last days it is always under the TOP5 servers ordered by players (to be honest, that does not mean much as the list with used servers is mostly not longer then TOP10...)

So we are running some of the standard gamemodes on it (and a slightly modified Hay) - but that is not enaugh.

So if you have got a nice gamemode you would like to see on our server - just answer here or contact me on lukas@delux-host.com.

The criteria are the following (not all have to match):

- your gamemode is fun (needed of cause ;) )

- it is crazy (like as-supermarket, as-sharks)

- has a nice idea behind (falldown, hay)

- does not take too much time (no big assaults or dms...)

If you have just a modified standard script which match the criteria or you think which is better then our modification, you are invited as well to suggest it ;)

Thanks in advance,


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I believe he means to give him ideas for new modes and stuff. And this is a free mod. What do you want him to give you anyway?

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At least credits. But money is also something which is a normal thing to ask for script hours. Maybe MTA is free but PHP for example is also free and there are thousands of scripts which are made for money...

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