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map, buildings and their positions


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is there any list of buildings in San Andreas and their whereabouts?

I'm especially looking for Bank buildings but I can't remember where they are and its tough to drive around looking for them.

Any lists or graphical maps out there?


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Yes the link is correct :D

in the editor you can fly around and by pressing SHIFT you can fly very very fast (the speed must be change)

noting its so easy to find a building using a editor ;)

The bank is located by the police station in the first city

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there are a couple of banks in LS and LV only...


- southwest of the police station

- east of unity station

- south of madd dogg's villa, east of the burger shot and before the intersection

- south of madd dogg's villa, west of the burger shot


- the shopping mall to the east, Creek-district

- 3 near the starfish casino&old venturas stip, also a couple of fast-food shops there

- south of emerald isle

- south of the police station

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