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New Line, its doesnt work, but it does!


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Ok well i was trying to make a script that gets your position and then saves it into a .txt file.( a bit like /save in SA MP) This was to be in the format so that you could copy and paste strate into a .map file and it would spawn a car. I can get it to all work fine but there is only one problem, when i use \n to make a new line. In Notepad there is no new line but in Notepad++ there is... so what is going on. here is some of the code....

    if mapFile then 
        while not fileIsEOF ( mapFile ) do 
            fileRead ( mapFile, 500 )    
        fileWrite ( mapFile, "<vehicle id=\"" .. vehName .. "\" model=\"" .. vehID .. "\" posX=\"" .. x .. "\" posY=\"" .. y .. "\" posZ=\"" .. z .. "\" rotX=\"" .. rx .. "\" rotY=\"" .. ry .. "\" rotZ=\"" .. rz .. "\" color=\"" .. color1 .. " " .. color2 .. " " .. color3 .. " " .. color4 .. "\" />\n" ) 
        outputChatBox ( "Position Saved!") 
        fileClose ( mapFile ) 
        outputConsole ( "Unable Read/Write File.") 

and for those people that want to get there hands on this i will release this if/when i can get this bug fixed. This was meant to be a bit of a template for people to make a gamemode

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sounds like notepad++ can intererpt single linebreaks (lf) and windows linebreaks (crlf) but notepad can only do windows.

what Ive read \n should translate to the systems respective linebreak sequence..but it looks like its not.

try this instead




or perhaps


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