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What gamemodes do you find suitable for clanwars?


What gamemode(s) do you find suitable for future clanwars  

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  1. 1. What gamemode(s) do you find suitable for future clanwars

    • Assault
    • Battlefield69
    • Capture the flag
    • Classic Deathmatch
    • Stealth
    • Team Deathmatch Arena
    • Teamwars
    • Other/None of the above (Please reply with your answer)

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In future, we might be holding some official Ladders, tournaments and leagues for MTA. This means we'll provide some sort of proper way for clans to apply, play and participate under fair and regulated conditions, while being given an "official" status for their achievements.

What i'm interested in knowing is what gamemodes you clans feel would make the best for such competitions. You guys are the people who will be participating, so your opinion is definitely what counts.

I have provided options of gamemodes that have been included with the MTA release pack. Please remember we're only in DP2, and you have to remember that the community are yet to produce more gamemodes. Also note that the Deathmatch Map editor is yet to come, and in future we should be seeing tonnes of new maps for all gamemodes. Race sported over 2000 maps, and i expect something just as impressive for DM. This means each gamemode will offer lots of variety, and a gamemode doesnt have to be associated to a specific map (i.e. if you find a map boring it shouldnt influence your decision)

If you feel our release gamemodes are not valid for a decent clanwar, then by all means vote "Other" and post your suggestion of how you envision a properly organised, official clangame for MTA. Note you have a maximum of 3 votes for the gamemodes that are suitable.

I'll leave you guys with my own opinion: I understand many of us might still be attached to the old clanwars system we used to know and love in GTA3MTA and MTAVC. But times are changing, and the now is the time for properly structered, controlled, and professional games where we dont have to worry about the other team doing stuff such as collecting shotguns when they shouldnt have. Therefore i would certainly like to see some clanwars in some of our release modes.

The choice is entirely up to you, please post your opinions as i would like to hear them.

edit: Also, i forgot to mention the coming of the Map Editor. We're aiming to get the map editor along with dp3 (no guarantees). This will drive the map/gamemode system of MTA and promote the use of proper gamemodes to play on.

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I think stealth is a perfect gamemode, I'm trying to organise a practise on the Stealth gamemode, so we will be ready for a clanwar in the future.

Perfect maps, good weapons, and excellent spy gadgets + Headshots, and legshots (Although there goodm there annoying when you get them. :P )

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All the options in the list can be played through a match between two or more teams, the possibilities seem endless with the editors. It’s such a huge step from the basic matches we were use too during the past. I’m more old-school so I’d favour playing 2/3 falls on Classic Team Deathmatch.

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Thanks for the feedback guys.

That's interesting to hear, Zerbian. Obviously CDM remains as a sort of gamemode without aim, based upon the fundamentals of MTAVC and GTA3MTA where you could mould deathmatch into your own style.

I'm interesting in hearing any devised system - because as you know, today's clanwars should take full advantage of the scripting system that is on offer. Although CDM is pretty raw and although i imagine you could have some great games, there's also room for the annoyances of our old system (camping, going round collecting pickups illegally, etc). This is why we should use Lua to shape this into a more controlled gamemode, which we always dreamt of in the VC days.

I would be more than happy to hear what you would think makes CDM most suitable, or some sort of gamemode based on CDM for clanwars, as it is easily modified.

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I think, that apart from casual mta sa/vc style gangwars (including base att/def/tdm which is missing in your list), new other-mp typical modes (ctf, tdm, im not too sure about assault - ET anyone?), an interesting thing to see would be battlefield-style wars with RLs, tanks, choppers and all that military stuff.

But yeah, MTA:SA offers so much flexibility that it is up to the two teams/organizators to decide wether on to which mod/style agree. Still, 3 round att/def ftw (with mines and other accessories) 8)

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No, no, no. The only limit in VC (except for lack of sync) was our imagination plus the basic rules that the two playing teams agreed. What I would like to see in SA (as it differs from VC a lot), is CS like menu (or even some kind of Ammunation-style shop), in where each member of both gangs/clans can spend their money (let's say the amount of money would match the exact price of the strongest weapon with one mag (Minigun?)). That would require some basic (duh) tactic, as each member of the team would have a specified function (ex. a guy with satchels would mine the entrances to the base, a sniper would camp in a high spot etc etc). So basically, I would like to see a freeroam server with the ability to buy weapons for limited amount of money. The rest would be done VC way.

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I'm not saying this vote will mean there's only one gamemode that will be used for competitions. There's no issue with having multiple gamemodes, the point i'm trying to raise is whether the gamemodes we have now are suitable enough at all. That's also the reason why there's no attack/defend tdm gamemode listed - it does not exist.

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To be honest, the choices are so varied with the ability to create anything through LUA, it depends on the scenario.

If tables were introduced, say an official league where standings, statistics and everything else was counted, then it be simple for the teams to arrange which type of match both sides want to play instead of just sticking to one choice.

Tournament wise, it can be broken down to a variety of different matches depending on the stage of the competition.

I think the fundamental of using the old attack, defend and free roam system will benefit most.

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Att/Def/TDM is the classic format, personally i like it because you have so many options, in such a large area.

Saying that though, i wouldn't disagree with seeing some specific modes/maps for matches, i recall the old Two v Two league in VC was played in some sort of arena area, it would be good to see a map made with a specific league in mind.

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I had to pick other... a custom built gamemode is always the best choice for any clan war imo...

The gamemode must have balanced weapons.

One with similar play area, vehicles and base sizes on both sides.

One with a wide veriaty of vehicles and weapons.

One that offers areas for combat in multiple terrains.

A score board to match the style of the game wether it be capture the flag, or simple team deathmatch.

As well as a simple admin script to kick/ban cheaters.

(though if one person was cheating on that team they should lose the war anyways for bringing that hack)

And it must be hosted on a server placed equally between opposing teams.


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Basemode the best! the most popular!

The most popular that almost nobody heard of. Heh.

Besides, the topic is from January 2008... this is November 2009.

Nobody heard of? if you think like that then you have been living under a rock. Attack n defend is the most popular clanwar script

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I choose Stealth!

And also, Basemode, as the other.

These two are the most suitable ones.

@Robhol: There's a newer version of basemode already, but not on the community, but on the resources page.

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