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Bug report

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Well after some screwing around with my computer, i finally got it to work..

I noticed that in the game there are still lots of errors. you guys probably noticed this yourself, but i thought it wouldnt be wrong to make a little bug report... It might help...

ANyway here goes:

- Damage error - It appeared to me i couldnt kill my friens, i even tried blowing them up with my tank but nothing would help.

- Sync car and foot error - While drivin my tank i noticed that ramming did destroy cars and on impact the player was launched from the car, the player though didnt die, the car did explode and the broken car kept driving around without anyone in it...

Well those where the major bugs i found, if youre working on this project dont let me get you down, i love the work and the effort is most apreciated, i just heard about you, and i think community work like this should be worshipped like god. (In het bijzonder als er een nederlander aan de top staat! MUHAHAHA IJsvogel je bent de meester.)

If you have any more in depth bugs, report them here...

PS: need any web designing done, i'm your man...

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