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Strange bug getting in to the Hotdog

Guest Chillin

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Not sure if this has been posted yet. I did do a search.

Getting in the hotdog sometimes causes some strange event. The screen begins to shake and it gets really bright.

Example: mtascreen0003hs3.th.png

Not sure if it is just a Hotdog thing or a common vehicle issue. It's only happened to me 2 times, and each time it was when I spawned a hotdog and got in it. Maybe not a mta problem but a script problem. I was in LW server at the time.

Off-topic: Real quick question. Am I the only one who gets a 2 second pause, after getting in a vehicle?

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Happens to me too, Windows Vista (Home premium), GeForce 7650 GS, 1GB RAM, server running on same PC.

Edit: used /reconnect, and now it doesn't happen. BTW This would happen on my old pc too sometimes... (with race)

However the two second delay doesn't happen to me.

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When I first got it I thought I'd discovered a lava lamp easter egg left in by the devs :lol: If you're quick and use exit vehicle, it fixes, and then you can enter the vehicle again and you're fine. It isnt just the hotdog van though, I've had it with the tank.

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