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a few things i need help with


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A). i want help making an intruder alert for "government areas" (ive got the coords) I dont want to kill the intruder, i want it to flash on the screen every 2 seconds until the intruder is either killed, or leaves... have no clue how to do that...

B). i want help making a lotto system. itll choose a random number between 1 and 50 and a random prize money between $10k and $50k and to take $50 away if you didnt win EG. someone types /lotto 17, and if 17 is the chosen number, then they win the randomly chosen prize, but if it isnt, they lose $50... know partially how to do that...

C). a rob command... pretty self explanatory, lol... have no clue...

D). a gang login type thing... EG. you are in the army, but you wont spawn until you login and it checks your account, if your account says you are, then u spawn at army base with army skin, but you can change out of army skin any time... if i can figure it out for at least one gang, i cn do it for em all...

E). a bank system... again, self explanatory... and again, no clue...

actually, i dont want you to give me these, jsut a lot of help, im actually RE-writing my gamemode, from SA-MP to MTA... any and all help is gratley appreciated...

GioSerpo and RPGU!

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