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Seriously....I read soo much...sooo many tutorials and faqs. I just see the same things over and over and over again. I searched, surfed, browsed, read though a ton of help topics. Here's what I'm doing to try to get it to work:

I use ASE, find a server, copy it's IP.

I double click the server, which opens the launcher.exe, where I click Configure Server. I paste the IP: #.#.#.# and have the port as 2003. I then click Save settings & Launch server. Nothing seems to happen, so I click the button that says Launch server. A window opens that uses Dserver.exe. It says "Registering with ASE" then under that it says "Listening..." and thats as far as that goes. I start a new multi player game in gta3, I see the credits, ect, ect, I alt-tab out, still the "Listening..."...

Everyone mentions a "Send Game Request" button...I don't see that button ANYWHERE! It just says "Listening..." and that is all. My credits keep on rolling, and it keeps on listening. I can't go any farther. I haven't gotten any errors, which I like. This would be a really great thing to get to work, but its very frustrating right now.

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Well thanks, When I first downloaded, the installer name was mta.exe, which was what was confusing me. I went into a irc channel and got some help from an opbot. The installer CAN NOT be in the gta3 folder.

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