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Have you guys considered making a version that would possibly run in Linux with WineX? I run gta3 in linux and will soon run vice city and i'd like to see MTA on linux.. Just wondering if you guys are interested in trying to make MTA "winex-able." I know this may sound like a dumb idea and if you guys want to say that it won't ever happen because you won't bother coding something that dumb then i'd be more than happy to devote some time to take a crack at it myself if you guys converted all over to C.. I don't know any VB, but C I'm good at...

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I do not know how winex works, but since the new Client will be C++ (MFC), then conversion should not be that difficult depending obviously on how winex works.

I do not think something like this is very high priority for us at the moment mind you, but who knows what the future will bring.

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OK, I did a little work on it and with 0.3b that's offered for download right now I can go as far as starting GTA3 MTA from the launcher.. The problem comes in that winex3 fullscreens GTA3 and covers the desktop with a gray background. But I have an idea, and bare with me on this because this post could get long, but it may be something you will find good so please read until the end. Since winex3 locks the desktop by covering it and switching to windows is anoying anyway, how hard would it be to make the whole thing inside the game. I'm thinking something like use the chat and display in the corner (new feature?) to make a little "console," sort of like quake 3, in which case you can type in the IP address you want to connect to. Like if you want to connect to a server you do /connect or /connect blah.com:1234 or whatever... And if you connected through ASE then you just do /connect and the client will take care of it itself. This will simplify things more, and potentially make MTA available to linux users. I'm having a lan party this friday and I'll install XP just to play MTA with my friends, but it'd be really nice to have that console because then it'd be easier for the winblows users, and working for the linux users. I have both GTA3 and GTA:VC working in linux exceptionally well and would like to see MTA working as well. Also: could you release the source to the functions that "Start GTA3" and "Start MTA" functions are hooked to so we can make our own program to do those things and eventually have two separate desktop icons? Hehe, sorry to seem like a linux slut but I'm hooked on it and I try to avoid using windows as much as possible. Hehe, oh, and thanks for supporting linux by making a server for it, that's really cool of you guys! If you need anything from me, I'm an ok C(++, but ugh, C is better), x86 asm, and whatever else programmer.

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For my interests sake, have you tried MTA:VC yet? :)

Chances are a Linux Version will never be actively developed for two reasons:

1) Lack of audience. Why put all of this time and effort into something that hardly anyone will actually use?

2) Lack of time. We are extremely busy getting new versions out, so why hault development or bring on someone new to try and do this task, when it will just take away from the daunting task we already have?

Sorry man.

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  • MTA Team

First of all, it's hard to get GTA3 and GTA:VC working.. and if it finally runs, the fps is very low on most systems. I got GTA:VC on my Gentoo installation, but as i said, the FPS was very low, although vice city was playable.

I think it isn't easy just to 'port' MTA to linux or make MTA run under WineX since it uses a completely different method of reading/writing memory. I think the commands we use to read and write memory from/to GTA can't be used with WineX since it works with layers and such. We either should try to make MTA work another way while running under WineX or making a linux version, and we aren't working on that at the moment.

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admitedly i haven't tried mtavc yet... now on the other hand developing a sort of compatiblity for winex to run mta would be beneficial for mta in windows also.. all it really needs is a way to manage mta without having to switch back to windows.. i think the rest of mta will work fine, it's just switching out of gta and back into it that's the problem.. at least that's the problem i ran into.. you guys should make mta.exe hook gta3 so that if you type like /name notten in ingame chat it'd set my name to notten.. then if i typed in /connect it'd try to connect to localhost.. and if i typed like /request it'd request a start... kinda like an ingame console like quake3 which would function as the interface to mta.. i don't know how hard that would be for you guys, but it'd simplify gameplay because you wouldn't have to switch to windows and it'd probably get it working on linux...

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oh, and i have gta3 and vice city both running in linux on my laptop (slackware linux) and they both run with great framerate even at high res.. i guess it just depends on how much you sit there and configure your setup... i'd really like to see this working in linux and i think the ingame control interface would be helpful for windows users as well since they wouldn't have to switch out of gta to connect to a server and set their nick and stuff...

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will be very great if you developers set free the mta's source code, and i'm sure that linux community will take the job of porting it to linux, what about?

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lanhelp, it's not because ur a n00b that the rules don't apply for you. Open source has been discusse a million times by now, use the search function

Nice excuse for keeping it closed, but if you're going to limit code to your staff, then you might as well hope for less slow development. Try next time without going into "cheating". Dunno about you, but I dont stop at the magic door called the EULA when dealing with black box code.

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