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GTA Vice City Audio Error

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I start vice city and I can hear the music to the splash logos and opening movie. But when I go in to the game I hear no sound at all there's nothing it's really boring and then when I go to my options then audio it says I have no audio hardware but I know I have sound card why would it say that if I can hear the music to the opening movies? I try and reinstall it but it never works. Even when I go into my audio folder where my directory is I can see 1122 audio files. Can someone please help maybe I'm missing an audio file would someone be able to check there audio folder and see how many files they have? All you have to do is go to edit select all and then it will say how many there is. Thank You

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well, it would be able to run the movies without a sound card, and it would give you a 'missing file' error if you were missing a sound file...

Try going Control panel -> System -> Hardware (tab) -> device manager

check to make sure that windows is detecting it properly, and that there are no errors...

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i think your problem is well beyond the scope of this forum, however, i can suggest a few possible factors.

-yer sound card is beyond crappy

-windows isnt configured properly

-you are running a corrupted version of gta3 (pirated or otherwise)

if any of these apply, send me my service fee via paypal :wink:

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