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Sometimes, I don't know why, I get superdesynced:

When the others players are shooting, i don't see it, People see me shooting in opposite way of where i am aiming. I can't see driveBy too. The only right thing is the payer's position.

It's weird...

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i have the same i see other ppl shooting but they dont see me shooting :S that is so strange

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Also, a de-sync problem occurs at times while in vehicles when you interact with other vehicles/objects. If for example, you cut off a vehicle - nothing happens to the secondary vehicle immediately, instead happens seconds later. This doesn't happen all the time, however.

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I'm not sure about it but i think it comes when I leave a vehicle while drive by is enabled.

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I tried to "find out" what causes the desync and my experience is, there is two sorts of desync, the hard desync, and the temporary one (temporary is supposed to be bad connection, so never mind that one).

The hard desyncronisation:

I will try not to state theories i have about it, only what I managed to experience:

1) The desyncronisation is player independent. That means, when I "float" for another player, that does not mean I float for anyone else.

2) The longer the opponent is alive and online, the higher the probability that I float for the enemy.

3) When I float for the enemy, reconnecting, dieing, getting in a car, jumping does NOT change the bug. I only unfloat when I actually kill the player I am floating for.

4) The possibility of you floating for another player is higher, when the other player has a bad computer and a bad connection (not 100% sure about that. It might only be the "bad computer" stuff. I was able to play against FMJ about 50 minutes without one single float. Ok, we were killing each other often.)

5) restarting the gamemode "unfloats" everyone.

6) freshly joined players may instantly float for players which are already online.

7) I never experienced someone else floating for me when I freshly joined the server. Other players only started floating for me when I stayed online several minutes.

8) shutting down the MTA client and restarting it, then reconnecting to the server does NOT unfloat me, just like the "reconnection".

9) Hard floating players often run in circles a weird way, as if their running animation was stuck. While doing this, their character runs off the real position and is about 5-10 meters away from the player himself.

10) players normally only start floating in the distance or when they spawn after being killed.

11) Edit: When you stay near the player you are floating for, you have good chances to become sync again.

12) Edit: Somewhat it has nothing to do with the distance to the player you are floating for. So, forget 11, just take a rocketlauncher and blow him away.

Gentlemen, I hope I was able to help.

For explanation: "floating" means: When I float for you, I have no animation on your computer, I cannot shoot you, I cannot hit you.

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