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How can I play?

Guest R@xXx

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Hi! I've downloaded The Multi Theft Auto Patch... But when Is execute the .exe file I have to write an Ip adress :( ... Don't U have A server which we can play on :?:

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the steps if it doesn't work

  • 1) Start GTA Launcher
    2) Start GTA3 MP
    3) Choice New Game then the first text.
    4) you see the credits right? press ALT+Tab or Ctrl+Tab (i dont know wich it was)
    5) Start ASE
    6) Choice a server
    7) enter your nickname
    note: 8) some server give some errors try it again then
    8 ) press Send Game Request and select GTAIII in your tray
    9) have phun :P

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the little chat window at the bottom (of the mta client, right near the connect button) :P

but no one ever reads what you type, unless you send it to people in-game...

if you type

/in blablablablabla

people will see blablablablabla in their game...

but typing


means people will only see it in their mta client :(

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