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Gametype Suggestions.

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Sorry if this is the wrong section, if it is, can this be moved to the correct area.

Anyway, i was thinking when i first played Capture the Orb about another similar game type that was in Halo 2. "Oddball"

so after much more thinking, i have thought of a bunch of fun game types from other games that would be good in MTA DM.

so lets start with "Oddball"



Objective: Hold the ball for 3 minutes.

game play: Al players start at random spawn points around the map, the person who picks up the ball is unable to shoot any weapons or defend himself while he is holding the ball. he is also unable to drive any vehicles with the ball. (but he can still passenger in them), when the player with the ball is killed, he drops the ball, another player can pick it up. and so on. until someone has held the ball for a total of 3 minutes (does not have to be for 3 constant Min's), once the player has held the ball for the 3 Min's total, he wins the match.


Team Oddball.

Objective: Team controls the ball for 5 minutes. (Note, 3 balls on map)

game play: Start at 2 team spawn points (red / blue) and the teams must fight for control of the ball(s). same basic game play as oddball, so player who holds ball cant shoot, and cant drive. Time is accumulative for the entire team. so if 1 player holds the ball, 1 second is counted as 1 second on the teams score, if the team controls 2 balls, then as 1 second is counted, the time held goes up by 2 seconds, if all 3 balls are held by the same team, then each second, the teams score goes up by 3 seconds.

first team to a total 5 minutes wins the match.


Single Flag CTF.

Objective: get the flag to your base.

Game play: 1 flag in middle of map, both teams fight to get it back to their own base, first team to 3 captures wins.


Assault CTF.

Objective: Get the flag into the enemy's base.

Game play: 1 flag in the middle of the map, both teams have to get the flag and take it in to the enemy's base. first to 3 captures wins.


King of the Hill.

Objective: control all 3 marked places for 5 minutes.

game play: Much like Team oddball, only the objectives don't move. your team must control all 3 marked places on the map. when your team controls one place, your timer starts counting, when you control 2 marked places your timer count speed is doubled, when all 3 are in control, your timer speed is tripled. once a teams time reaches 5 minutes, the team wins.


i will think of some more game types at a later date.

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wat about assualt, like each team has a base with walls etc. in the city and theres a vehicle or something similar in each teams base that if destroyed gives the team that destroyed it points... so each team has to attack another teams base and destroy their vehicle or object to get points, sound good?

and another... wat about capture the base... bit like king of the hill, theres a fixed location on the map that a team has to hold to get points, the longer they hold it the more points they get, so like a castle or base, something with walls that can be assaulted like a fort or something, a team occupying it is gaining points meanwhile the other teams are trying to capture it off them, each team would have to have a fixed spawn point on the map so they dont spawn in the fort

and wat about making a game mode where everyone battles with rc vehicles?

just some ideas :D

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2DazzaJay: Please, in the future start topics like this in the "Suggestions" section, OK?

2MTA Team: It would be good idea to create "Spacefighters Dogfight" gamemode, where people are in spacefighters and the world gravity is 0.

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