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have question when will be released full MTA:DM??

January, February?

approximately when it wil be and how many previews eil be in future?

i ask beceause i want to make maps but in previews its cant be make

thats all of mee.thanx

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... alright

no one knows when they will release.. they seem to release previews often enough. And for the maps.. a quick read of the forum will tell you this: you CAN make maps for dm. You need the race map maker... and the race to dm map converter... have fun


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Just make the maps in lua, it's not that hard.

Of course, for getting co-ords for objects, player spawns etc, play an offline game of standard SA and use the SA Place Manager :mrgreen:

there's tons of position scripts on the forum, you can use one of those, i edited mine that it fully creates the whole createvehicle thing so with just the /car command i have a vehicle =)

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