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lol blocking countries is sort of racism (to me)

function checkPing() 
        local ping = getPlayerPing(source)    -- get the ping from the source element (the player who joined) 
        if (ping > 300) then                  -- if it's higher than 300... 
                kickPlayer(source, source, "Your ping is too high. If your ping is low normally, try connecting again.") -- kick them 
addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), checkPing) -- add the event handler 

Mostly from the wiki, just changed the ping (100 to 300), and added kickPlayer().

It's not in the control panel, but it works automaticly.

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I have the same problem that I want to find out the country

-> But I want to use it to make my Gamemode multilingual so that english guys can see the gamemode in english, german guys in german, ...

any one with any ideas ?

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