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MTASADM Server manual - where?

Guest Ran

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I suppose there is a server manual, so... where is it?

The only thing i can find on your wiki is http://wiki.mtasa.com/index.php?title=M ... rver_Guide

But that's just how you start it, there's not a single word about what commands to use in and so on.

Like, how to change gamemode? How to create a admin user? How to kick someone? There is a help command, but that doesn't give me much help at all. I managed to create a user but it's not an admin user by some reason.

And when we're at it, is there any way to both run the server AND play on the server on the same game? I remember that i had a mta server about a year ago, and then playing while having the server up worked perfectly. Like it is right now, the server shuts down if i try to join my server with the client.

(Performance is not much of an issue here, I just want to play the game with some of my friends without having to be bothered with stupid people and bad maps :) ).

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...So, does this mean you spent hundreds of hours to make easy-to-use Lua-scripting, but you don't want to spend ONE single hour on making a server guide? That's... weird. I've spent two hours trying to find something as basic as a guide on how to use the "Access Control List settings file".

Seriously, how can a VITAL function such as the Access Control List not even be mentioned in the wiki? Is this some kind of extremely cruel joke?

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Well i'm extremely sorry if we have not documentated every inch of MTA weve tried our best to documentate a small yet reliable server manual, client manual, over 800 LUA functions, write a whole MTA Website to work with servers, create gamemodes/modifiers/admin tools and other helpful resources to control servers, and also testing the mod so that you guys can have it.

once we have some time on our hands we will contiune the documentation, but for now there are over 50 users in #mta who know how to host servers and will try to help you.

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