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SuperModerator on the server


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I created an account as Admin.

I have full access to the panel.

I would SuperModerator created accounts, so I add the name and pass the person in account.xml (like me) then I sat:

The person has been logged, but has no access to the panel.

What should I do for it is access to the panel, but with the rights that I have defined?

Thank you.

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I noticed that the admin group I guess ties to admin resource folder. I think the panel is very nice but you should be able to customize the accessibility to it. For example if someone can only freeze and mute, they can access the panel, but the functions other than freeze and mute are greyed out or just not accessible.

Or have a separate panel for ppl who only need lower access rights.

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In the current version released only members of Admin group have access to the admin panel, only cause i was late to finish the system in time. However pretty much has already been done to support different groups accessing the admin panel and i'd say that in the next release it's all customizeable.

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