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A few problems and ideas.

Guest HeZkOrE

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Well first of all I want to start by saying that this is freaking awesome!

Totally awesome stuff, but there are 2 main issues I see, the rest is just weird bugs that I'm ok with.

And I'm sorry if anything of this has been discussed/posted already.


Problem 1:


I play a lot race, really really fun stuff, but sometimes REALLY annoying... and it's cause of the laggy players.

Sometimes when I drive behind another player they start to lag and stop instantly, making me explode into them, a second later they just shoot straight away like nothing happened.

Possible Solution:

Whenever a player lags (high ping or packet loss) he should enter "ghost mode" making everyone pass right through him OR even better (imo.) whenever you come close to someone they enter "ghost mode".

This would even help the "fallout" mode where players get stuck in eachother at start sometimes.

So I'm suggesting this to MTA, not just the Race mode and maybe make it a server option?


Problem 2:


This is about weapon sync. While MTA handles it pretty damn well, it's still far from perfect and pisses me off all the time. -_-

Sometimes it doesn't matter how much i shoot someone, they just won't die!

I'm sitting right next to him, shooting right at him and he just stands there shooting at something else, then he turns to me and kills me in a few hits! And don't go "Oh well that's a cheater" cause it's happened several times with different people and some of them have died a few seconds later by my team mates so he's probably not in "God Mode"

This is the biggest problem if you ask me and should be the first thing to fix!

Possible Solution:

Make weapon hit detection local side, add some sanity checks like "Can the player actually see the other player?" and "Can the bullet reach that far?" and it's perfect!

But yeah, that's a lot easier to hack but it's already super easy to become invincible, get random weapons and spawn cars, with a decent anti-cheat system and good admins I don't think it will become an issue really...

And for serious players it'd be great!


Random ideas:


Ok random ideas, some good... some bad(?).

When a player laggs/get packet loss, a small icon should appear above his head telling everyone he's having some connection problems so if he starts acting weird they'll know why. That way, if he's not taking daming people will he's not cheating.

Maybe the same with low FPS?, sign above head if FPS is low. (might be a stupid idea)

I guess this is for the race mode only, a "top 10" list for each level showing best times.

Server Browser should save my settings, like "Show Full Servers" and "Show Locked Servers".

A minimum FPS limit on servers, i hate playing with people that REALLY lagg, they run at max graphics when they can hardly play on low settings. Crazy, but I'd like it :P and it's optional of course and every server could have thier own limit.

Anti-Cheat system of course, but I don't need to say that, right? :wink:

And that's about it.

Thanks for this awesome mod and keep up the good work, really looking forward to the editor!

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Well it's not like I try to drive behind him, in some levels you have to drive behind other players cause the road is so narrow.

And sometimes you can be next to someone and he turns and lags into you, you explode and he just keeps driving.

And yes, as my post says... an icon above the laggers head would be great so people know he's not cheating.

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actually the white square at their names shows connection porblems, doesnt it?

low fps kick is possible by a resource (same with ping). you just need to put that on the server and set it on autostart and protect it from closing it

saving the browser would be great

anti cheat sounds much easier than it is... its similar to aids... finding something to stop it is no problem but it changes its structure too fast. after making a working anticheat system there would pop up new hacks after just some hours. the mta team would spent their whole lives in updating the cheatsystem

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Yeah of course, I'm a coder myself so I know anti-cheat is far from easy, the trick is to make everything server-sided.

Anyways, I recently noticed that some race servers have collision between players off which is great!

So the only (big) problem now is the weapon hit detection... any MTA developers here that can tell me why the person hitting the other player simply doesn't send a message to the player saying how much damage it should take etc., and the other player checks it with some simple sanity checks?

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