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I need to fix the camera. I have made everything as in an example, but the camera isn't fixed

setCameraMode(playerid, "fixed") 
    setTimer (setCameraPosition, 1000, 1, playerid, 1984.4445, 160.9501, 55.9384) 
    setTimer (setCameraLookAt, 1000, 1, playerid, 1984.4445, 157.9501, 55.9384) 

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I've been having a problem getting the camera to work too and all the posts on the subjects aren't getting answered or resolved from what I can tell. Is there something wrong with the Camera function? Does it have to be done at a certain time? I've copied exact code from the wiki and posts from other posters and I still can't get the Camera to work right. Here's the code I have on it

function setCamPosition() 
    setCameraPosition(-16.268127441406, -46.674671173096, 29.565118789673) 
    setCameraLookAt(-68.21085357666, 34.687622070313, 11.11138343811) 
addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", getRootElement(),setCamPosition) 

EDIT: If your screen is staying black you need fade in first.

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I got round this by setting the camera mode to 'player' first, and then to 'fixed'. Also to fix some other occasional problems I setTimers on most of the calls to stagger them and give them time to execute - it seems to have solved most of my issues.

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