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Sample Scripts Sub-forum?


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Would it be possible to get a Sub-forum for sample scrips and snippets? I'm actually very interested in LUA, but I am a real n00b right now, and am trying to make my own script right now, but it would be nice to see plenty of existing samples made by the community to view and try to play around with (of course, only if people choose to post their script for others ;) ). I'm asking because there is a "Scrip Showroom" in the sa-mp forums and something similar would be really nice here :)

Another thought was maybe having a blank script for n00bs to start working from which has the basics already set which can be manipulated. I'm currently trying to star from scratch by reading the introduction but a "Blank Gamemode" which actually starts you off with something that works might be easier to start off from. Also, for anyone editing wit Notepad I suggest getting Notepad++ (there may be other good editors out there), since it works great :D

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I'm making a script right now that will be a bare-basics freeroam script (and will add things to it gradually). Just gonna add small examples of weapon pickups, etc... (and hopefully A simple "map with objects" loader) so that people who look at my code will have simple examples to study for all the important basic things ;)

Once I get enough stuff in it I will post my source in this topic, and hopefully it will help other n00bs like me to have an easier time getting started :D ( I always find it easier with something to start by, like a template)

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