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Position script

Zonex Favel

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Made this position script because I wanted an easier way for spawn points too. It can use improvement but here it is

function getPos(thePlayer, command, place) 
    local x,y,z = getElementPosition(thePlayer) 
    local placeFile = place..".txt" 
    local posTxt = fileOpen(placeFile) 
    local mycoordinates = "X="..x.." Y="..y.." Z="..z 
    if posTxt then 
        fileWrite(posTxt, mycoordinates) 
        posTxt = fileCreate(placeFile) 
        fileWrite(posTxt, mycoordinates) 
    outputChatBox("worked", thePlayer) 
addCommandHandler("save", getPos) 

to use it just type "save " in the console and it will create a text file with that location name and the coordinates your at. You can also use "/save " in the chat window to execute it. If anyone has a better script or improvements to mine please post it! :D

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Ok, and this is my version of the script, that saves your current position. I think, that it is better to keep all positions in one file.

function savePos(thePlayer,command,comment) 
    local x, y, z = getElementPosition(thePlayer) 
    hFile = fileOpen("pos.txt", false) 
    if hFile then 
        local temp 
        while not fileIsEOF(hFile) do 
        temp = fileRead(hFile, 500) 
        fileWrite(hFile,x .. ',' .. y .. ',' .. z .. ',' .. comment .. '\n') 
        hFile = fileCreate("pos.txt") 
        fileWrite(hFile,x .. ',' .. y .. ',' .. z .. ',' .. comment .. '\n') 
    outputChatBox("Saved!", thePlayer) 
addCommandHandler ("pos", savePos) 

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load positions? ;O

i can save positions the "Saved!" appears but how to teleport to there :roll: ?

in the server window of developers preview 2 there comes an error: Attempt to concatenate local 'coment'

Assuming "comment" was spelled correct:

This means the variable comment has no value (it points to nothing). The script in the first post here, doesn't check if the value of comment exists. To do this add something like:

if( comment ~= nil ) then



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