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Help with adding lua script to server.


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i added that ion.lua on server\mods\deathmatch\resources\ion.rar I dont know why all the resources are rar, but in resourcecache is all same files but there are not rar files, its all normal folders, i added it there too, in \mods\deathmatch\resources\ion\ and then i added this on meta.xml :

and this i added to mtaserver.conf :

why i still get errors, now the errors are different, look. :


Please, i need an answer.

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Oh, okay, thanks, i can get it to the server now, but, i don't know how to use, in the ion.lua script has this in the file : bindKey ( v, "f", "down", "placeIonCannonBeacon" ) but i cant get it work on f or v, and i don't know how to use it, does it matters if the server console says this :

[16:49:05] Starting ion

[16:49:05] WARNING: ion.lua: Bad argument @ 'addEventHandler' - Line: 14

[16:49:05] WARNING: ion.lua: Bad argument @ 'addEventHandler' - Line: 24

[16:49:05] WARNING: ion.lua: Bad argument @ 'addEventHandler' - Line: 59

but does the ion cannon works if server give those errors?

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