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Alright, I installed MTA yesterday, and I get a very anoying bug like every 2 minutes. My character continuosly does the last performed action. For example I am walking and when I release my W key my char continues to walk. It stops after I randomly press other button, mostly when I press MOUSE1 (fire key). If I stand still just moving my mouse my screen starts spinning the way it last spinned until the whole bug stops. Remember that this happenes like once in 2 minutes, and its takes another aprox 2 - 4 min to occur. Take in mind that my Keyboard/Mouse are not damages or broken and I also heard other people complaining about this glitch in-chat. It happenes on every MTA start, on all game mods I played, its most annoying in Hay since most of my falls are because of it.

EDIT: Ok im sorry, I found the problem. It's because I have a virus or something which alt tabs my fullscreen application. I searched and found it to be called Jeefo but I cant detect it with the tools I found on the internet. So when I alt tab, and move, because mta is alt tab forbidden the window remains active and with the last performed action on, just like I said above.

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