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Error downloading requested files. (Download Error #9)

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nothing help, also with 1 it dont work.

the rest of mtaserver.conf is good configured and this is already maked:

Since all the default resources provided with the dedicated server are zipped, and are normally automatically extracted by the built-in web server, you now have to provide a way for the clients to download the unextracted files to their computers. The unextracted files are always available in the /mods/deathmatch/resourcecache directory.

1. Launch the dedicated server once and exit again. This will extract the zip files into the /mods/deathmatch/resourcecache directory.

2. Go into the directory above and copy the resources to your external web server's public directory, this can be done in several ways:

* If you don't care about your server-side files being publically available: create a symbolic link (Linux), a junction (Windows) or just plain copy the contents of the resourcecache directory to your public web server directory.

* If you don't want your server files to be publically available through your web server: go into the resourcecache directory and manually copy the folders over to your public web server directory, removing any server-side files (they are not necessary for the client-side downloading) you do not want to be hosting on your web server.


Ok now we have getting it working!

Now we dont use httpdownload, we have resetet the config file and dont change any of the relevant things.

The result -> it work :D

thanks for the help, thread can be closed or so, i will remove this threat from my favorites now.

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