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MTA:VC gameplay videos....


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MTA team,

I know we all appreciate the movies of MTA:VC and normal MTA to show off the multiplayer, but you guys could use more action in the videos...watching someone moving at 5mph in a car on the sand for a 40+ seconds isn't fun to watch. its boring. Start doing some jumps, Race around the city, each in bikes or something.

Again i'm not tring to sound unthankful. I'd take the actionless videos over nothing....but videos with more action would be alot more fun to watch.

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As soon as .3.5 comes out then I'll get some people together and make a movie.

Aye I will as well. I have the beta to the new Fraps 2.0 (with sound capping, frame skipping, and rez support up to 1024x768) that i'm just dieing to use to make a video. but I dont wanna make a video of myself. I wanna be w/ someone.

( More info on fraps 2.0 in the news posts on http://www.fraps.com )

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Heh im a right noob with Fraps. Cant work it :oops:

Anyway about the action in the videos: I havent watched it (Sacrelige! :P ) but from what you say it sounds pretty boring. Action is what the people want.

Never be afraid to ask the people here for ideas though :wink:

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