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Funny screens in MTA....funny cheaters


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Yeah, that stuff can be done if you are the admin of a server, and I'm sure AlienX was just messing around, lol

Also, were the other pics from an eXo server, maybe they are the admins there, or maybe they hack, either way destroying the Hay in that gamemode is mean :x (/me imagines being on floor 99 of 100 in 100 level haystack server, and the whole tower topples :lol:)

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Thats well mean :(

U can spawn vehicles on players with the admin tool in your own server, go on give it a go :)


A few days ago (before this was posted), AlienX also spawned a car on a hay server, so i said: stay here and ill jump on your car from lvl 50. So i tried it and i just fell in front of it :mrgreen: . would have loved to see that from inside the car :lol:

Good times my friend, good times haha

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