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Urgent! cant kick/ban people remotely with ingame console!

Guest ThIrD-EyE

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i dont know if its already know or not but i found a bug that allows people to not be kicked or banned remotely by the in game console. who can i PM to let a developer or moderator know so this can be fixed in a patch?

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lol calm down a bit

There is no need for patch, as there is noreal release yet.

There is only a preview for gamemode developers to see what they'll be able to make.

Just explain your problem clearly and one of the MTA devs will see it and fix it for the actual release. :wink:

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the reason i didnt put it in this post is so people cant exploit it and you know they will. i suppose though it doesnt matter since as you say this isnt a real RC. people who use " ` " (thats the characters on the console button key. no shift) in their name cant be kicked remotely from the in game console since it closes the console. i've already seen 5 people using it in their name.

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Yep third eye , On the map fallout I think its called , there was a cheater with special caracters , check out the pics I posted on the Hackers section for refernce Couldnt votekick him are nothing , We should see this problem solved soon I hope.

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Yea but what if their name is just "`", in race I've encountered this problem a lot but i usually go to notepad or something and then copy and paste the character into MTA. Of course this requires "Window Mode".

Isn't their an GUI admin control panel anyways? Where you just kick on the player to ban/kick..

Otherwise something like the old remote admin would be very useful if it doesn't all ready have it. :wink:

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