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mIRC PROBLEM! plz read

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I have a little problem with mIRC:

I cant connect to a server! :x

I did excactly as Xerox wrote in his IRC for dummies but when I am trying to connect to a server it says: connection timed out!

I have tried many servers and it doesnt work in any of them!

Could this problem be my firewall?

If, what ports do I need to open to get IRC to work?

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possibly a problem with your firewall, this irc server uses port 6667, so try opening that port in your firewall.

if it says times out it could also mean your internet connection has timed out or the server is down. chances are, its your firewall.

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thx for the info. :wink:

I think it is the firewall though. Because I surfed on this forum at the same time as I tried to connect!

to open a port is that the same thing as port forwarding? (because if it is, I know how to do :lol: )

What does my avatar look like?

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