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Very important suggestions i think :)


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Some suggestion :mrgreen:

First i like to say that the shooting mode ( Like TDM, DM, and objectives are working very good ( Sometimes cant hit someone but thats becaude the framelimiter isn't on! )

Works very good!

But the race part.......................... Why do you make a completely new race mode? Why not taking the other and upgrade it, fixed the lag en desync? And put it in MTA DM?

1) The new Pick ups ( repair vehicle change and nitro) are very ugly and the sound that you hear when you pick them up.. it sounds horrible and slow.. And somtimes all the pick ups are dark white?! And sometimes you can't pick them up either and you drive right trough them.

Take the old from Race and put it in DM ( sounds easy doesn't it? )

2)The Speed Ó meter and the Damage Ó meter are to big. the cover up the whole upper right side of the screen. Why not took the old from race and put it in here? it's much better i think.

3) Sometimes ( almost never) are people not sliding/drifting over the ground. Then they have absolutly np lag, that's great, so put that in MTA:Race and then copie it back to MTA DM. (if possible)

4) The anoing black screens that almost everytime apair Before, after, in the middle, of a race.. Why? Why not taking the loading screen from MTA;race into the race part in MTA DM ?

5) The vote screen in the down right side of the screen.. it's very ugly and not very practical.. And in the middle of a race when someone calls a vote it's standing before you're status bars...

Again.. I prefer the vote screen in MTA:Race. It was in the left side of the screen and worked perfectly.

6) The letteryp, it's very ugly and i like the one from MTA race again. Why not put it directly in DM?

7) The framelimiter must be on >>>>25<<<<< We had no problems with it on MTA Race so why not in MTA DM? At least put the framelimit of 25 in the race mode. It will solve allot of desync i'm sure! Realy 25!!!. I've got an 8800GTS and when a race starts I let almost everyone behind me... It is not fair! ( /me like fair play) Some people get 47 FPS and some 25~, there is a differents of 7 seconds!

Well were some of my suggestions :)

Hope a admin reads it and do something about it :DxD

It will we great!

Thanks :)

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FUCK sake, i logged out before i could post it. here we go again

1 -i like new pickups and sounds, its only been white once for me

2 - i love the new meter

3 - i dont liek drifting so it dont mind

4 - i dont like the black screen either, it should be a game screen with please wait on it.

5 - i liek the new vote system, but it does get stuck behind stuff i think. but i dont mind it too much

6 - havent noticed the lettertype...

7 - i liek the frames being high now... = faster, but some people have an advantage now tho :( so maybe set it at 40 imo.

1 thing i want changed is the cp and position part.

when you see

' 3/10

6/10 '

you dont know which is which, i think there should be a car icon and a checkpoint icon next to them.

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ok after playing it some more i have found some bugs and have some awesome suggestions.

1) In spectate mode sometimes the people you are watching are sliding sideways, its not desynch i think, but they are liek floating sideways over the place

2)in spectator mode the < and > arrows have a line on the side of them, looks bad lol

3) dead cars float into teh air, i really dont like that. some maps are based on people exploding and falling down onto others

4)the laoding at start takes ages to load, so sometimes people get a huge headstart compared to the others, people should wait 10-15 secs for it to load.

5)pickups go white sometimes

6)things in map take too long to load, like objects made in map editor etc. it freezes and skips trying to load everythign as you come to it...

7)the race finish times overlap after 5, the font should be hal;f its size. same with the 'hurry up' icon, should be half size, same with the health bar too.

8)is the nos infinite too? hmm

9) sometimes i spawn upside down ;o and on fire

10) sometiems im on fire and my health bar isnt empty, theres still green left... its confusing.

11) when on fire, health doesnt lower...

12) change the black screen when votemap is on, just keep it as teh stopped car, so moer stuff doesnt need to be loaded, slowing down the race... maybe thats why it takes ages for stuff to load at start too.


1) have driveby be an enabled option for some maps.

2) needs player died text, i would like to nkow who i killed in derbies etc

3) weapon pickups that can be added onto cars, it can turn into like a mario kart with rocket launchers, mini gun, mines, molotov launchers, spikes, springs etc. all pickups and can be done in editor.

4)press a button to show map list

5) a team map, where you can be joined with another player, 1 drives, 1 shoots/drivebyes, like ion derbies or races, its a team race. :D tht would rock!

those should be easy to put in i think :D

um thats about it so far

thanks guys :D:D:D

ps i like how its smooth ;) ...omg that sounded sexual..

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IMHO, MTA needs possibility to minimize and to skip movies. It's really annoying to close the game, rewrite one or two lines in the script, and then wait while the game will be loaded. Also, cyrillics support would be very useful. Sorry 4 bad English =)

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I agree with the last post of Ramrod :o .

Some more suggestions

1) I like the original CJ on a motor bike :( And now he has a motorjacket and a helpet, i dont like that.

2) If you die, you don't wanna see your wrecked car.. So if there are a few seconds respawm go direclty to spectator mode.. Maybe a few seconds after you explode.

3) Don't fly away when you die, I don't get the qlue of that :roll:

4) Ading framelimiter to 25 maybe 30.

5) Always when a map starts you start somewhere ( I think CJ's house) And then you go to the map you have to respawm.. Then the map ( from created objects) Takes to load the objectes before they are in the world.. Results... Falling right trough the map. It's like Everyone falling trough the map, and have to typ/kill . In MTA: race, when a race started you saw a few seconds after the vote directly the map so you could prepair you for the begin, why not in DM?

6) Sometimes (almost never) I can spectate... Then there is a ugly screen below the screen.. Why is that standing there? We played MTA Race for 3~ years now, we already know how we go to the next player spec..

7) Why i can't ( if i spec someone) Turn around his car? o.O If i wan to and move my mouse or arows on the keybord it stays on the rare side of the car.. It's very anoing becouse i always look at my opponens cars xD

And over that framelimiter..

If you put it on 40. And somepeople get 40 and some get 25. there is stil a very big differents.. Realy i like 25!!! In race it was 25 and nobody had problems with that?! People with a uber system stil get 25, i think it's the best.. The original GTA sa has also a framelimiter of 25 so...

Most important suggestion: (again) Take MTA;race, try to fix the lag and try to fix the desync and put it MTA: DM. Sounds not very difficult? Does it?

^^ I think that is a good idea? :o


Thats why i play windowed ^^ Then you dont have those movies :)

BTW Ramrod. Press F11 when u are ingame, you will see the map ^^

One More suggestion: You can right click to open driveby.. But why you can't stop you're driveby? :o I should like that.

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OMG i played some of my derby maps on teh new mtarace! AND ITS RUINED!

you now go thru so many of the special objects! u dont hit them X_X, also, they no longer move, tht chicken thing stays still!

also the rocks and things no longer move, so maps where u push them into hay below is stuffed. im really getting dissapointed in race now :(.

also there needs to be an admin map panel to show the race list and something as easy as "START MAP" button, cos i cant figure out how to start a map. no commands force it >_>;.

also, teh wave mode is no longer there. theres probably more but im too scared to find them >_<

i dont know why, but the old version of race WAS 100x better and everyone would agree. i like the look of race but it just isnt race anymore. it feels like dm on wheels.

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Most important suggestion: (again) Take MTA;race, try to fix the lag and try to fix the desync and put it MTA: DM. Sounds not very difficult? Does it?

That's very easy for you to say. Unfortunately this is not going to happen, and is MUCH harder(to the extent where you're better off deleting everything to do with Race mod) than improving the current Race gamemode. MTASA is not going to take a step backwards over the Race gamemode, when the DM version can be improved.

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Okay ill tell you my thoughts now.

1. Yes we know that and it might be fixed in the next release, this is what this forum bits for.

2. I agree it is abit big and should be reduced down to size.

3. I see alot of people sliding/gliding w/e you want to call it. but that is due to my lag.

4. english? i didnt understand that one bit.

5. Please remember were not trying to make this look like race at all.. we are trying out new things.

6. what?

7. Please note that most of us are not made of money and we have to put up with the systems we have

and the graphics card in it. and its not fair to those who dont have the money at all. pay the laggers

some respect dont scream and shout "OMG HES CHEATING HEALTH HAX BAN HIS ASS" yes fair play is everything

just accept that the gaming world lags homeslice.

mah yeah, there!

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I agree with the frame limit, it will reduce lag alot.

Though if it's possible then I'd love to see the framerate set to at least 30fps, it's only 20% more but looks so much smoother and also personally to me, as a console gamer and FRAPS user who is almost always recording at 30fps (thus playing at that speed), it's very natural.

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