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I registered on mtabeta.com yesterday, installed MTA:DM Preview and could play normally. But today, it started giving me that error "Invalid Serial". So i checked on the wiki, and followed the instructions to fix it, but it didn't work. Then i wanted to check my information on mtabeta.com and it said my account was disabled.


I think that's why it's giving me the Invalid Serial error. I tried creating another account, (Motorhead_temp), but the installer tells me to use the previous account (Motorhead). Does anyone know how i could fix this?

Thanks in advance

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Your account may have been banned. I'll see why.

Edit: I've unbanned your account. I'm not sure why it was banned and the people who might have banned it aren't around. I'll ask them when they are and of course reban you if it was deserved! In the meantime, have fun and play safe :)

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