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Vehicle 'Overlaying'


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I'm sure you have all had the experience of getting into a car only to have 1,2 or more 'pop out' of it and pile up on the roof before falling to the ground.

I spent a few hours on a quiet server last night trying to find a fool proof method of unlocking the squadcars in mta and made some interesting discoveries.

At first i tried blowing them up, uzi, pushing them onto roofs etc, they respawned but still locked.

Then I tried parking a vehicle on the pavement roughly parrallel to the police car (Just look to the right and line up with it ) and blew it up once more. This caused the squad car to 'overlay' the mafia sentinal. i proceeded to overlay a taxi, and the banshee too. So ended up with 4 cars overlayed in one position.

I then walked up to the cars and 'entered' the following screenshots show what happened.


Here you can see that it chose to put me in the police car, which has just popped out of the roof of the others (NOTE my legs sticking out of the bottom.


Then the mafia sentinal popped out and pushed the squadcar higher.


The physics take hold and the cars slide off each other. (if you look closely at the taxi u can see the a-frame of the banshee still 'inside' it)


and finally the banshee appears to the side of the pile (seems it can only pile 3 vehicles up, no matter how many are overlayed)

From then on the police car was unlocked and usable to anyone.

Now from this what seems to happen ingame is when 2 people crash/blow up very close to each other the cars are both sent to the nearest 'vehicle spawn' and overlayed, then along comes an unsuspecting player who tried to take one and POP the other flies out of the roof. Lag/desynch could also cause both players to try to re-enter 'thier' car, and you end up with 2 in the same vehicle and the desynch that causes.

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Lol Bump uve done something to the server i think. Ive tried playing 0.3b and (never actually got it to wrok properly) had some very funny things happen. Once i spotted a banshe lined up close to a squad car at the exact position ur in, some one was in the sqaud car (they didnt moove of course, they never do with me). I shot the suqad car and it pulled a vanashing act.

Btw whilst im talking about my faults, i encountered a server ghost (a banshee that kept speeding of the docks into a boat and then ito the water). It kept respawning and dooing it over and over, i dont suppose ny one has done this, id love to know if its a replay of them i keep looking at.

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