[Linux] Doesn't load <settings>-blocks

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I just tried some misc. gamemodes, for example hay. The issue with this gamemode is, the hay refuses to load. It seems, that the server is not able to use the -block correctly.

/mods/deathmatch/resourcecache/hay/Hay.lua:47: attempt to perform arithmetic on a boolean value 

line 47:

z = get("levels") - 1, -- +1 

when un-commenting the line above (z = 49,) and commenting this one instead (also for the b= below), the hay works fine.

I also noticed this issue using the votemanager, but the problem herein is the there's like 20 or 30 settings i don't want to change, it's also affecting Interstate69. Gamemodes without settings work fine, so you could say it's the settings obviously not working.

Issues happen on

Debian Etch - Debian-package

CentOS - generic linux package

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Confirming this on CentOS - Generic one

[patrick@test1 ~]$ cat /etc/redhat-release

CentOS release 4.5 (Final)

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Confirmed this on openSUSE.

mta@h1346500:~/mta1> cat /etc/SuSE-release

openSUSE 10.2 (i586)

VERSION = 10.2

The 'fix' mentioned in first post doesn't work for me though.

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this is a known bug, i just uncommented the 2 lines from hay.lua as the first post suggests

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