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congrats bill


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WHOA! 1010!... hjow didi I get that? I though I was at 980 or 70 but leave for a fgew days and BAM! maybe out of force of habit of the forums due to my spam, it kept adding post's nntil I finnally reached 1010!.. Which I still dont get, but thats not the point, I'm expected to do a speach, so uh, as I dont userally pull speachs out of nothing, or I didn't think I was AT 1000 at the first place, I didn't think of one, so Uh... I'll wright what ever is uh.. on my mind then.

As the time has gone by, we've seen many things on these forum, n00bs, (lots) flamer (lots) spamer (lots, me including ;) ) We've seen problems, and gone pasted, We've stuck together, when people though they could "flame" a mod, or reg, and get away with it, but an assortment of gangs, (nlasta, vck, and all the mod's themsevles) wouldn't have that, it has shown me that, just as if ingame, the friendly gangs (towards each other) actually respected the other, as when vck or blasta gets flamed, we both helped each toher out, almost as a family, then I realized something, its not just the gangs, but its the forum itself, tyhis whole forum alone, is a huge family consiting how about 1000 people, all doing what they do best, whate ever it might be, spaming, flaming helping, talking, problem solving, anything, and it works, with all the country's and races in this forum, canadien, american, europeon so on so forth, it shows that peace is possible, (wow, how did I get to the subject of peace? man my head is messed up :) ) if the world, could only LEARN to speak and talk and understand each otehr as we have on this forum, then life would be easier, there would be no more major wars, or just plane country take overs (yeah you know who im talking about). IF the world were, like us as a forum, the world would be peaceful, and able to function, without a problem as times gones on, if only the world understood this, lines of communication would be open, other people would learn to talk to others more. (K, now I'm going to see if I cxant end this in some sort of message to everyone, :) )

In turn, the best thing to do for peace, is get to know others, if you have the possibility of travel and seeing others places, then damn it, you do it! it gives you a better understanding of others and better communication skills, and thas what the world needs now, and then after that we need love and were set.

so I guess what I'm trying tot say is stay off drugs, and if your going to have sex, use a condom, and always respect your elders and the law, aND NO COMMUNISM!

There I think thats a good size post, man I hope this meats to xerox's standards, as I have to keep up with him, someone does :)

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congrats again bill.

In some ways the community has come togeather, not just for mta, but for gtaMP in general.

there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and people like yourself bill, will lead us there.

people like yourself are spokespersons (bah PC) for the scene, and have non-bias views and comments which people listen to due to your forum experience, and general knowledge of the mod and the people who are part of it, and you dont actually work (as such) for any of them =)

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no no no, well yeah it was you warlord, but your the guy on this forum, who I find does the best job at it, you never miss a beat and always, userally get the right guy, if I had the choice of choosing the forum flammeer, it'd be you and thanks vogel.

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