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freezes up

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Hi there!

I've had a problem when trying to play MTA:DM .. I start it and after I see the main menu it stays like 5 seconds then it completely freezes up, and I can only shut it down with Task manager :(

I'm using Windows Vista.

I've tried to use compatibility mode (XP and 98) and I have the same problem. I also tried to run as administrator and no luck so far :(

Please help :D and thanks for reading this.

p.s: I have a CLEAN gta copy. No mods, no stuff addded.

p.s2: I also read the "KNOWN ISSUES" and it didn't help me much.

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yeap mr.hankeyeye it is the exact error as mine.. and I do have 1.0.. and I did reinstall my GTA and my MTA.. and it did not work... anymore ideas?

I cant get to MTA's settings either :(

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ok the topic CAN be closed because I succesfully made it! Now I can play :)

ok I am gonna say how I made it because some other ppl may encounter this problem..


so you use Windows Vista and when u click on MTA it works.. but without doing anything in the menu , it gets frozen? Then try to change compatibility mode from Multi Theft Auto.exe to Windows 98/Me and gta_sa.exe to windows xp sp2.. that's the drill.. now it should work :)


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Ah, BinSlayers solution fixed it for me, it still just closes if I click settings though, it shows for a few milleseconds then dissapears

EDIT: Nevermind, it crashes after about 10 seconds now. it just prolongs the crash lol.

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It probably would work for me too, but I uninstalled it yesterday so I could reinstall SA-MP (I did have GTA:SA installed twice for this purpose, but one of them broke :l) and now I get the "Your computer is associated with another account" on signup, so I use my old account, and when its installed it says "This serial is invalid, please reinstall MTA", I uninstall and reinstall, used the I don't want an account option, it still says it.

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