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[Texture] Sultan Impreza

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I got bored, and when i get bored, i Photoshop.

and every now and then, somthing worth releasing gets created.

Some of you may be familier with the Skins of the Sultan when you take it to Trans Fender.

Mainly this one:


well, i decided to Reskin that Transfender Texture.

and this is the result:


If you want it, Click the following link: download.png

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Sorry about that man, we lost our database in january in a corrupted backup. (always check your database backups before deleting the old one when moving to a new server)

i fixed the download section, but all the links are different.

The sultan Impreza is here:

http://www.potholestudios.com/Downloads ... id=12.html

and here is the rest of the GTA San Andreas mods that we host:


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Thanks DazzaJay! I also looked at the other mods too.

I love your server and resources.

Offtopic: How did you move the race position (the 1st place, 2nd place, etc and the number of checkpoints) location?

When I go on your race server I saw the race position were placed on top, not the bottom.

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