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Gta 3 and Vice City replay question

Guest Vercetti

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I know this is a bit off subject, but you know how Gta 3 and VC for PC have replay option when F1 is pressed, well does that mean that I can somehow save that replay?

I'm trying to make a VC movie with my friends and connecting my PS2 to my computer and capturing the video with Power VCR II works, but I'm not really satisfied with the quality. I changed the setting to MPEG-2, with 10,000 bit rate, 29.970 fps, the best setting the program can take, but when I play it full screen, the graphics suck.

I tried Movie Maker and it still didn't do any good even though I changed the fps to 59.970 fps(not that the fps change the resolution).

I see it as saving the replay from the game directly would be the best option with the best resolution(if possible). :lol:

By the way, my computer sepcs are:

Medion PC

Pentium 4 2.81 GHz

512 MB RAM

120 GB ROM

64 MB GeForce4 MX 440 with AGP8X graphics card


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lowering your FPS won't increase your resolution, but it will help make things look better, and clearer, because the computer doesn't have to work so hard :)

wait a tic... OMG. Lower the bits per second setting!!!!!!

that is an incredibly, incredibly high setting... I mean, 1400 kilobits per second is a little above average...

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Buy GTA for PC, otherwise all you will get is crap. Unless you want to spend some money.

WAIT A SECOND!!! Nobody has officially answered my question, if I buy GTA: VICE CITY, can I save the REPLAYS?!?!?!?!?

What's the point if I can't?

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you can save one replay by pressing f2 during a replay to save it, otherwse copy the replay.rep file thats in your vc user files dir (located in my documents for some reason) and use that, as it only holds one replay =)

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why use two computers, mine are coming out fine... Im just recording what i want using fraps the encoding it using the latest divx codec, its small and real good quality.

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why use two computers
Encoder can use over 1gig ram when your inside game so you realy need a gaming system in order to get screen/audio capture. i guess its not worth using if you found something that works ive allways liked encoder just for the reason that you can make videos that are dvd quality + its great for streaming those videos :)
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no fraps doesnt record sound, apparently there is a new 2.0 version coming out which will though, if u want sound u have to use another program to capture that as well and then join the two files.

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My problem with this is, I saved the replay in game so i could do the fraps thing later but when i play it back it only captured about erm 5 seconds :( ?... and it was a real nice long string of 15 motorbike stunts together so this is really disappointing coz it took me ages to pull them all of smoothly without crashing, is there a way to record more than a few seconds with the in game replay save?

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