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Hey there guys. So here we are, i have made another video for MRL (MTA Race League). MTA Race League is not an official league, but i hope it will be! cuz this project is 2 years old, and it's very popular in Russian and some point in Europ, like Rafs clal playing on all the tournaments of this league. This video shows you the last tournament Nurburgring_F1 which was 3 days ago. So here you can download/watch video clip of Nurburgring_F1 have fun! And waiting for your comments.

P.S Use right mouse button (save target as...).

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Once again Den, GREAT WORK! I am now on these forums, so I'll see ya around. ;) It's a honor to have you with us at The FM-A Guild! Can't wait for the MTA DM release. :D Take care!

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