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pc restart when playing mta

Guest Crait

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hey guys,

i've got a serious problem with MTA... after playing for 20 minutes with the mod my pc restarts for no reason. this is the case every time i play and only when i'm using the mod... anybody else with the same problem?

my pc specs:

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3000+

GC: ATI/Radeon x850 pro

system memory : 768 MB RAM

not the best, but its something ;P

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Yeah I play GTA:SA since the release of the game :D

But I never had a pc restart while playing regular GTA:SA or other games... ( it ran on my old computer without errors)

only if i play mta, my computer restarts after 20 minutes or something.

I have downloaded new drivers, reinstalled mta and gta:sa and deleted the gta_sa.set file.

I tried to start the game with different gta_sa.exe files and some patches but nothing changed.

(sorry for my bad english ;P)

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