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Duplicate the map

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Hey guys.

So i made a map, but its an map that u only can play with 1 player. So i was looking for somebody or a tool that can help me. The map must be duplicated exactly above the other one. So the map gets floors. I also explained it in this wonderfull ( :roll: ) paint thingy:


I hope u understand.

Thx in advance

Greetingz from Dominator

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There are tools that can do that iirc, but unfortunately I don't know them off hand (they would be in this sub-forum though).

Also, I do know that the .map files can be opened in notepad and all the checkpoints etc... are actual coordinates. If you simply copy all those coordinates and transpose them all the same amount at the same value, you would duplicate it. But a tool would be helpful in this case :wink:

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