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The Strange World of M.T.A.

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A few select moments...

Taxi sir?


I dont just fly the dodo.



Kent trying to show me how to fly a coach.


I got an APB (All Points Bug)


My apologies if this is too many images for one post, i'll break them up next time if thats the case.

Bump out

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This is what can be achieved when u have a nice group on the server, who all know how to get uin and use ingame chat :) (IF you dont then come to #mta-servers on irc.multitheftauto.com and we will talk you through it

Getting ready to start.


We had a pretty succesful race from the end of the bridge in the picture to the docks and back, most took part, and those that couldnt keep up stayed out of the way of returning drivers. SO use your chat peeps, get things going ingame, and always check #mta-servers for an occupied server.

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