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I'm addressing this thread to Blokker because I think he's the one who is in charge of the website and the forum....Anyway you really should do that we can delete our post.....Because when we post more than 1 time or we say something that we didn't want to say or anything.....It's really annoying when you have to delete posts but you can and that you have to ask to a mod for it.....Thx!

PS: I think when YaMM merged with you, the members from there was good in coding the Main.scm huh? If so you would change the subject of the message displayed in the forum....And the competition poll is also old so you should change or delete completely the board message...:P

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Blokker: First, you changed the board message but the title still ''MTA:VC needs Main.scm programmers!'', you should change that also.... And for the delete posts thing, now I see ''You can delete your posts in this forum'' but I still don't see how do we delete them....:P

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Huh sorry if you take that like orders....I'm only saying that we should be able to delete posts we make :-|. You enabled it but only in this section and we can't delete old posts....Only the ones we just made....Would be great if we could delete all of our posts...:P

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