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Is there a way to make other players have different skins on your screen. Not just the one you are using. Like if i were using a terminator skin, would it be possible to change the skin of the players you see so they dont have the terminator skin to. Like i am the terminator skin, the guy next to me is like a spiderman skin, and the guy shooting me is the hulk skin or whatever. If this is to confusing..ill try to rephrase it. Just tell me.

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  • MTA Team

If you're playing on your pc and the other player has got a spiderman skin on his computer, you won't see the spiderman skin on your computer.

If you're playing on your pc with a spiderman skin and you want to give the other player a terminator skin, only on your pc.. it won't work either since all the players have the same skin.. if you're changing the skin from out of the gta3 menu, only your skin changes, but if you change the skin of the player in the img and txd files of GTA3 from the original skin to a spiderman skin, all the players connected to the server will have a spiderman skin on your pc.

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