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Which one which one


Which would you want  

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  1. 1. Which would you want

    • MTA: DM
    • GTA IV

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Hmm, I want both!!! (which will probably be reality)

But to answer your "What IF" question I would actually go for MTA:DM :D

It seems like it will have a lot to offer, especially through scripting and resources, which means more play value.

Although GTA4 does have those pretty graphics and physics engine though...

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There is not sure will DM never be released :?

All what we can do is hope it will be released soon as possible.

PS. Maybe this guy means GTA:IV for PS3?

And that will be released in this year.

And i guess DM is not.

So my vote is GTA:IV

Moron. Nobody asked when DM is going to be released. Nobody mentioned PS3, and nobody has given a release date for GTA:IV.

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I'm sticking with DM for now. I got everything I need to play it. Unlike GTA4, where there is a possibility I will need to upgrade my hardware. On top of that, Rockstar admits to focusing mainly on the Single Player aspect of GTA4, and from the sound of things it won't have much to offer. (no scripts or any of that other community created content) Which means again we will have to wait for teams to develop features to make GTA4 stack up to what the GTA community has already done for San Andreas.

To sum it up, I'm sticking with DM so I won't need to possibly upgrade my computer, and so I won't have to wait for the GTA community to make GTA4 a customized community experience (which San Andreas already is, thanks to people like the MTA Team)

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