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You posted in the ''DracoBlues Speedometer mod #%¤&ed up my game!'' thread that:

ask ya question in draco's forum, we have enough questions to answer for our own mod =)


Thread Closed

Why did you close that thread?? Why did you only mind about that? You just have to don't mind about that thread and to answer to other posts....And Gtat's forum doesn't work for many people!! I'm really tired of seeing you closing threads only to have 1 more posts bellow your avatar you know.....That's starting to be anoying!!!!!!! :P:evil:

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lol - i dont do it for that, i do it so that people know that i closed it, (hense why i get flamed like this) and 90% of the time ill give an explination as to why.

This is not a gta3T helpdesk, we have to answer enough questions on mta. If mta want their forums hosted here, then thats great. Since you seem to have a problem, ill unlock this one :roll:

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Thx :P But what I don't understand is.....really why did you close it? I mean....gtat's forum are not easy to access for all and the thread you closed(and re-opened) is in the rules and in the ''Other Mods'' Section so I don't see why should it be closed...

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